Kanzi a Rule-driven Survey Framework

Kanzi asks questions, remembers answers and draws conclusions.

Kanzi is Easy

If you are familiar with Microsoft Excel, then you are familiar with Kanzi. Use our Kanzi Excel Template to capture your questions, facts and conclusions. With the push of a button, the contents of your spreadsheet are uploaded and Kanzi will be ready to receive respondents.

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Kanzi is Smart

Kanzi not only asks questions and remembers answers, but also reasons with these answers. Answers lead to facts, facts lead to more facts and finally, facts lead to conclusions. These conclusions can be shown to the user or send to another application for further processing.

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Kanzi is Modern

Kanzi was developed using all the latest and greatest standards and technologies. Kanzi is fully HTML5 compliant and uses Knockout.js to provide a rich user experience. The look and feel of Kanzi is fully customizable, allowing developers to brand and seamlessly integrate Kanzi into your IT applications.

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Kanzi is Online

The online edition of Kanzi runs entirely in the cloud, which means that any device with a browser and an internet connection can use Kanzi. There is no setup procedure nor any maintenance. Simply sign-up an online account, upload your Kanzi Excel Template and Kanzi is ready to go.

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Kanzi is Offline

The offline edition of Kanzi is a software component developed using Microsoft technology. This module can be directly integrated into your application and allows for a higher degree of customizability than the online edition.

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Kanzi is for you

Interested in adding Kanzi to your application portfolio? Then please contact us!

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